Ocyano Initiative

Ocyano is an initiative that aims to protect the worlds oceans. Furthermore to emphasize why this is necessary. The initiative works on creating awareness in society about the oceans and their vulnerability, the reciprocal relationship of us humans and the sea and on actively counteracting the destruction of the ocean habitat. Ocyano produces projects in collaboration with various artists, people and companies who want to be part of the Ocyano initiative. The projects aim at enhancing the current situation in the fields mentioned above moreover most of them also try to raise funds for ocean protection or active environmental protection projects and NGOs.

Why fight for the ocean?

Seven Seas, Seven Reasons why

Seventy percent of our planets surface is covered with water. The marine eco-systems in these waters produce about another seventy percent of the Oxygen contained in the atmosphere. The Oxygen we breath every single day. So destroying marine eco-systems might be worse for your lung than smoking. It’ll be best if you just quit both.

The ocean already stores over fifty times more carbon than the atmosphere. So far, it has absorbed a quarter of the CO2 emissions caused by human activities, thus mitigating the effects of climate change. The ocean is therefore massively dampening the consequences of our man-made climate crisis. A huge help. But even the ocean has its limits. And they could be reached soon.

The oceans and its currents have a huge impact on our climate and weather. The oceans absorb a lot of the sun’s radiant energy and are a massive heat reservoir for the entire planet. They balance out temperature differences in the atmosphere and stabilize the climate. But with the man-made climate change that is now straining the limits of this heat reservoir this stabilization could change.

Fisheries and aquaculture provide a livelihood for more than ten percent of the world’s population. Overfishing and the destruction of marine ecosystems mean that many people are threatened by starvation. Their livelihoods and often their tradition of living with the sea is being destroyed.

Plastic pollutes the sea, from production to use to disposal. When oil is extracted or transported, accidents occur form time to time, resulting in environmental disasters. The production of plastic contributes to the climate catastrophe, because plastic production requires a lot of energy and releases large amounts of carbon dioxide. Much of the plastic waste is in return incinerated, emitting carbon dioxid, or ends up in nature. Around nine million tons of plastic waste end up in the sea every year. Millions of marine animals die because they mistake the plastics for food or get tangled up in them.

Even if we don’t like to think about it we are still part of the worlds eco-system. Every harm we cause to the ocean will come back to us. Humanity will not be excluded from the consequences, as we already see it already today. We as humans stand at the top of the food chain. Every poison that goes to the sea will someday come back to our own bodies, as we feed on the already poisoned ones. Microplastic has lately been found in peoples brains and the consequences of that are unknown. So if you don’t want to save the ocean for someone else, may it be a fish or your neighbor, please do it for your own good.

Of the approximately three hundred million square kilometers of ocean floor, just five percent has been explored to date. Scientists estimate that – apart from certain microorganisms – there are between seven hundred thousand  and one million species in the ocean, of which around at least two thirds have yet to be discovered or officially described. The marine eco-systems must be protected, so that all this hidden life, beauty and potential can be discovered.

How to fight for your ocean?

Seven Seas, Seven ways 

Fight Waste and environmental pollution! If you see waste lying around no matter where just pick it up and take it to the next trashcan before it starts their journey to the ocean. Take part in clean-ups or simply organize your own one. Deal with the mass and type of waste you produce and try to reduce it.

Question your current lifestyle and its impact on the environment and the oceans! In almost every area of your life, there is an opportunity to choose a more sustainable alternative. From your Webbrowser to your Power Supply Company. Instead of traveling by plane or car use the train or your bike.

Tackle your consuming habits! Try to consume less and more sustainable. Stop your consume of fish and meat or minimize it and transfer it to sustainable operating and local companies. Shop clever. Instead of three low quality shirts, buy one that lasts for ever.

Boycott Aquariums and Zoos! They convey a massively false image of the relationship between humanity and nature and force the animals to a cruel life in captivity from which they often suffer a lot. Ninety-nine percent of marine ornamental fish are wild caught, and depending on the species, up to eighty percent of them die on their way to the aquarium. Aquariums actively contribute to the destruction of our oceans and are not animal protectors.

Educate yourself and others! Learn about the ocean. Discover its massive impact on your life and explore the massive beauty of an unimaginable complex eco-system. Post petitions and documentations. Talk to everyone about the ocean and spread some interesting facts or recommend a mind-blowing YouTube video you saw. Help to get ocean conservancy stuck in people’s heads and to make it a matter close to the the heart for everyone.

Go political! The worlds rules are made by governments and ministers. Effective ocean conservancy is not possible without the help of the worlds governments. They set the rules. But these governments are elected by us. And they have to feel the pressure of the rising matter of the peoples demand for active and efficient ocean conservancy. You can build and maintain this pressure. Sign and share petitions, join demonstrations, bring the topic into the social discourse and vote consciously.

Support! There are millions of people, organisations and companies worldwide that are involved in ocean conservancy. Share their stories, buy their products and donate because Environmentalists are usually only able to work part-time the environmental destroyers, they do it full-time.

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